5 Reasons To Use An Established Screen Printer

Picking the right screen printing studio can be a real struggle, but if you do some research first, you’ll guarantee you collaborate with a high quality garment printer when planning your next T-shirt launch or promotion. Partnering with an established printer provides a host of advantages for you as customer, a number of which can help almost any kind of individual or company. Keep reading to discover 5 advantages that we can offer.

1: Top quality

When you choose an established screen printer, you are ensuring a level of quality for whatever garment or bag printing requirements you have. Because your custom merchandise will be another way of defining your brand or name, you have to use a printer that will assist you well as a company or an individual. If you’re reading this you may have had a bad experience in the past or are just searching for a new reliable printer.  We use the highest quality equipment, inks and a wide range quality of garments to suit your budget. The main 3 brands we offer are Stanley/Stella, AS Colour and Continental Clothing.

2: Dependability

The next advantage of partnering with a specialist screen printer is the service and attention to detail that we can offer. Having the ability to recognise when a design needs amending, help with sourcing the right garment for you and production within a timescale are all important factors to consider. We have been improving all aspects of our business since 2013 to make sure we can reliably print or embroider custom T-shirts and other garments when you need them. 

3: Price

An established screen printer will have the ability to offer wholesale pricing, providing significant cost savings that we can pass along to our customers. Though there are many other advantages when making use of our services, this can be one of the biggest factors for promotional items or start-up businesses. 


4: Expertise

Our staff have many years of experience in the garment decoration sector. This expertise has actually helped us a great deal when facing possible obstacles and also challenges that we may encounter when creating custom orders. Specifically for organisations or individuals needing substantial quantities or orders with a lot of detail. Partnering with an expert within the field is the only way to guarantee your orders will be delivered on time, and just as importantly without mistakes.

5: Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our customer service. As a family-run business, it’s very important to us. Our experience enables us to offer specialist advice with a personal consultation. When a customer is unsure about a process or just needs general guidance, we’re here to help. If you are unclear about any aspect then make sure you speak to one of our qualified staff before you place an order. Establishing a good relationship can remove some of the worry so you can concentrate on other areas of your business. Let us take care of the printing!

Regardless of what your specific needs are, selecting to partner with a specialist T-shirt printing company has a number of benefits. Ensure you or your business attracts attention by using Flood for your next project!