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A selection of printed and embroidered T-shirts and caps available to purchase.

Feel the quality of the garment and the softness of the design before you make a custom print or embroidery order.

T-shirt Screen Printing Company UK

In basic terms, Screen Printing is the process of pushing ink through a stencil or mesh (with the use of a squeegee) to create a printed image. At Flood we specialise in a ‘water based’ Screen Printing service.

Separate screens are required for each colour within your design. So the fewer colours in the artwork, the less it costs to print. In most cases when printing onto dark garments, an under-base layer is required to ensure the print is bright and vibrant.

Screen Printing is our most popular and the best method for printing your unique design or logo onto garments and bags. Minimums start at 20 items, but we are capable of reproducing 1,000’s of prints every day with precise repeatability. Although water based is our ‘go-to’ ink, we also use discharge and plastisol. Whether your artwork is a single colour, multi-colour design or special fx print, Screen Printing will work for you!

Organic T-shirt Printing

New Colours

A wide range of organic & sustainable clothing available for your brand.

Some of the biggest names in the industry, including Stanley & Stella, Continental Clothing, American Apparel, AS Colour & Mantis.

Green Organic Cotton T-shirt for Screen Printing

Main advantages to Screen Printing


Our high solids water-based and plastisol inks have great opacity resulting in prints with excellent brightness and colour vibrancy.


Large volume production is faster and more cost effective than any other garment decoration technique.


Screen Printing is extremely versatile, it can be applied to almost any type of garment using a number of different inks and techniques.


Screen Printing is highly durable, usually outlasting the life of the garment itself.

Flood understands that what you wear says a lot about who you are. That’s why our number one priority when garment printing is a commitment to quality. From the brands we offer to artwork services, to the finished product. Whether you need printed T-shirts, tote bags, transfers for rebranding, embroidered hats (or anything in between), we offer an unrivalled service that gets your product to you quickly and more importantly looks fantastic.

We offer a huge range of products such as T-shirts, hoodies, jackets and even underwear to name a few – if you can wear it, we can supply and print it! Our equipment allows us to offer fast turnaround times while maintaining our commitment to producing top quality custom apparel. We’re equipped to handle any size order – from new brands and small businesses, to large festivals and promotional events. Flood has swift, efficient and economical options for all of your garment decoration needs.