Main advantages to Embroidery


Lower quantities with higher colour counts are available. Embroidery only needs one setup for all the colours compared to screen printing which needs one screen for each colour within the design. As mentioned, digitisation is also a one-off charge unlike other decoration setups.


Embroidery is tough and durable. It can be used for garments that are washed frequently such as outdoor workwear or catering aprons etc. Any garment that needs to be washed at higher temperatures. Your branding will be visible wash after wash.


Another advantage of embroidered products is that they are eye-catching. The bold, raised nature of the finish stands out on almost any fabric. It’s noticeable in a crowd compared to other designs that are simply flat on the fabric. If your goal is to bring recognition to your brand, then embroidery is a great option!


Embroidery has two main styles. Flat stitch or 3D (Puff), either can produce the desired finish to your design. The digitisers are able to arrange the stitches to produce certain textures or patterns, speciality threads (such as metallic) can also be used to add value. The only garments we would not recommend would be very thin T-shirts or vests.

How do I decide between print and embroidery?

It can be tricky to decide between print and embroidery, if you’re not familiar with the processes. But ultimately it’s about what kind of finish you want. Embroidery looks very different to print as its thread that is slightly raised. It creates a professional finish that has more texture. Embroidery is best for small logos or designs with detail. It’s ideal for club crests, school logos or on certain garments such as fleece that cannot be printed. Embroidery is much better suited to this type of garment. We would also advise on using embroidery when personalising polo shirts or creating custom aprons.

With the capacity to decorate large quantities of garments day in day out and experienced operators, it’s no problem to tackle even the most complicated of artwork. Embroidery creates your logos through stitching. Our skilled team manage the large automated embroidery stations to make sure every design looks just right. The machines can produce up to 8 identical images at once, so large orders are no problem for us. Embroidery is best suited to garments that are difficult to print, or when you want to add a little ‘value’ to your brand/workwear. Your design or logo can be added to most garment styles. But if you’re stuck and need help with choosing clothing suitable for embroidery, please don’t hesitate to email our team. They will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have. We can advise what will work best for your design and which garments will ultimately produce the best finish for you. With a MOQ starting at 20 pieces it’s relatively easy to set your brand apart!


Whether you’ve got a logo, some text or any another piece of artwork, it needs to be digitised ready to stitch. Designs can contain up to 15 unique colours. Once you’ve sent your design over (before stitching) it’s digitised by our design team. They add ‘virtual stitches’ over your artwork. This tells the machines where to stitch which colours in order to replicate your artwork and gives an idea of what the finished product will look like. At Flood we have loads of experience when it comes to embroidery and we only use the best materials for the job. BUT without our expert digitising team we wouldn’t be able to guarantee the finished product. Our embroidery is some of the best around; just take a look at some of the examples we have produced for our clients. There is a one-off fee for digitising, you’re only charged this once for each design, for repeat orders you will not be charged. That being said, if you’d like to supply your own .dst or .emb files, that’s no problem.

But isn’t it expensive? 

Large designs with high stitch counts do cost more. But for smaller crests and text with a lower number of stitches, embroidery can be a great option. After the initial digitisation costs are paid they are stored on file, meaning reorders are free to setup. You will only pay for the embroidery for future orders of the same design.

I’m not sure if embroidery is right for me. 

We can advise you of the best decoration method based on your artwork and garment choice. We will never just allow you to place an order if the design or garment choice isn’t suitable. Any issues that we foresee will be discussed with you before an order is processed. No garment decoration order will commence until we have your approval via email.