We offer a full, professional relabelling service in-house. Any brand neck labels are unpicked and removed completely. Many of the blank brands we supply (such as Stanley/Stella and Continental Clothing) only have size pips in the neck making it even easier to customise the garments and make them unique to your brand.

If you have your own woven brand labels we can stitch them into your garments. If not, we can source those for you (turnaround on woven labels is approximately 4 weeks). If you prefer printed neck tags (tag-less), no problem, we can do that too. Plus it's much quicker!

Folding and Bagging

We can individually fold, bag and add a size sticker to any product you order from us. This helps keep your order fresh and organised. If you want bio-degradable bags, we supply those too!


We can also supply badges, swing tags, add die-cut stickers and lots more. Get in touch if you have any questions or specific items you'd like to add.

Turnaround Times

Standard turnaround times are slightly longer for any add-on services. Please allow approximately +2 working days extra to your print or embroidery order.