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There are tons of options when it comes to printing t-shirts for your event or business. If you’re ready to put together a custom order, take into account the following 10 points to make the process easier, while making sure the finished product fits your needs.

1. End Use: Are you looking for promotional or giveaway T-shirts? Will the Tees be uniforms for your employees? Or, are you planning to sell them as retail items? Defining the purpose of the garment is very important and sets the tone for subsequent decisions, including the choice of fabric and budget allocation.

2. Target Audience: Who will be wearing the T-shirts? Are they primarily for Men, Women, or Unisex? Consider the age demographic and style preferences of your target audience. This could influence everything from the design, style or fit and on to the choice of t-shirt colours. You want your customers to wear them time and time again!

3. Brand Image: What  image or message do you want your t-shirts to convey? Do you want a vintage or contemporary look? Complementary or vibrant? It’s important that the design reflects your brand identity and the nature of your products or services. Pantone® references are important for artwork when a specific colour needs to be matched to your brand.


4. Representing Your Brand: How prominently should your brand logo, name or product feature on the t-shirts? The size and placement of your branding should align with your brand strategy and the intended purpose of the final garments.

5. T-shirt Quality: Is fabric content a priority for your printed t-shirts? Maybe you’re considering the sustainability of the products you choose? Selecting the right fabric is also the foundation of most printing processes and will impact the overall quality and make sure that design stays crisp looking for longer!


6. Turnaround Times: Is there a specific deadline for the t-shirts, maybe an upcoming event? Consider the order process and production times required for different printing techniques, some may take longer than others to complete. Add-on services such as tagging and folding may also extend the turnaround times.

7. Durability: Will the T-shirts be subjected to high levels of wear and tear? Do they need to withstand frequent washing cycles? Choosing a durable and/or heavyweight fabric, plus a suitable printing method is essential to ensure the longevity of the t-shirts. Luckily, we’ve done most of the hard work for you. The brands we supply have been carefully selected to ensure great printability along with long-lasting comfort and washability.

8. Artwork: Ensure that the artwork fits your brand identity and is suitable for your choice of garment. Maximum print sizes might not always be the right choice. Extra large designs can feel heavy on some T-shirt fabrics. Do you have print ready artwork or designs, or do you need assistance from a graphic designer? Supplied artwork will need to meet printing requirements or this could cost you time and sometimes money to fix.

9. Budget: Have you worked out how much you want to spend on your t-shirt printing project? Consider the cost implications of different printing techniques, promotional or premium options, quantities and design parameters to stay within your budget while achieving your goal.

10. Future Orders: Are you looking for a one-off order, or do you anticipate reordering the same t-shirts in the future? Planning ahead and bulk ordering can often result in cost savings, so consider your future needs when placing your initial order.

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Feeling overwhelmed? No need to worry, we can help and talk you through the possible print techniques best suited to your needs so you don’t end up disappointed. Contact us for expert guidance, from idea to end product.