Screen Printed and Embroidered T-Shirts For Your Brewery

Printed and embroidered T-shirts, tote bags and other clothing can be a great way to advertise your brewery or launch a new product. Printed merchandise can be a great add-on or alternative to your current marketing strategy. A lot of breweries focus only on Internet marketing, TV, newspaper and magazine adverts or billboards. As effective as they may be, these traditional mediums for advertising and marketing can be very expensive. This is where custom and contract screen printing comes into play.

With the right design, garment choice and print partner, the benefits can be huge! Breweries can design original, eye-catching fashion items that employees, customers and fans will wear over and over again. They are basically ‘walking billboards’ at a fraction of the price of a static version. But in truth, they’re much more than that. They’re powerful marketing tools that customers will actually purchase from you. Just think about that for a minute. You can brand and sell these items, make some extra income and advertise your brewery or products over and over again for free!

We’re not talking about paid influencers here. Potential customers are well aware of that type of promotion and although it can still be worthwhile, there is no more effective endorsement than an actual customer wearing your brand for everyone to see. Those within the craft beer community are always keen to share their knowledge and enthusiasm of a brewery or beer they’ve discovered.  

What are the benefits of using printed T-shirts in your marketing campaign?

  • Custom printed T-shirts are a brand Identity
  • Establish strong brand recognition for your business
  • Brand ambassadors and customers are proud to wear them
  • Printed brewery clothing can start conversations
  • A more relaxed branded uniform for employees and faces of your company
  • Quality t-shirts can last for years, continuously promoting your business 
  • T-shirts are inexpensive and you can even profit from them

Screen Printing is arguably the best method to decorate T-shirts but other techniques are also becoming more popular, including embroidery. Embroidered polo shirts, sweatshirts and hats can add a bit of ‘value’ to your merchandise. If you want a really unique product then why not combine embroidery and print? As well as garments, screen printed tote bags are a great way to promote your business in another way. A good quality tote bag will be used time and time again.

Sponsoring events can be a another fantastic opportunity to promote your brand. Why not talk to the event organisers, ask for permission to print custom T-shirts and/or tote bags that include the event branding alongside your brewery logo, slogan etc.? Event attendees often like to keep souvenirs, especially if they’re free.


Promotion without compromise. 

Modern consumers want to know more about what they’re buying, what products are made of and how they were manufactured. Organic cotton is not only more sustainable but the quality is higher than many other off-the-shelf blanks. We offer a great range of organic blanks but there are two suppliers that stand out. Stanley/Stella and Continental Clothing. Both have excellent commitment to corporate responsibility, exceptional labour policies and sustainable practices. 

They even supply promotional quality T-shirts at a slightly cheaper price point, made from organic cotton but still very affordable so you don’t have to compromise on sustainability.  Cheap standard promo T-shirts don’t fit well and even lose shape or shrink after going through the wash a few times. You want a T-shirt that your customers feel comfortable in, looks good and they will wear many, many times over.

There’s a strong trend with customers swapping to better quality, ethically sourced, organic cotton garments. Cheaper, promotional garments used to be the only type available and once the industry standard. But times have changed and so have consumers.

Custom printed T-shirts are an easy way to promote your brewery. By turning creative ideas into t-shirts for your brand, you will find that there are plenty of good marketing opportunities out there and they are cost-friendly, easy and can also be fun!