Please read carefully before making a custom order with us.



Data Protection Custom Printing

At Flood we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to provide the products and services you have requested from us. We will never sell your data to any third parties or use it for any other purposes than expected.

From time to time we will contact you with details of other services, offers and content on our website. By providing us with your email address, you are opting into our terms and services agreement, you are providing consent for us to contact you in regards to these items. If at any time you no longer wish to receive email communication from us, please let us know by replying to the email you were sent or by clicking the unsubscribe button on any of our emails.

Order Turnaround Times

Our standard turnaround is generally 10-15 working days from the time that you submit your order. The term “standard turnaround” refers to any print or embroidery order and does not include additional services such as tagging. Some of our other services and/or printing methods will add to the standard turnaround time (contact for more details). Most add-on services will require 2 days extra on top of the standard turnaround. If you have a specific deadline, please notify us when placing your order. Rush order fees will apply to orders needing a quicker turnaround. Flood will not be held responsible for missing deadlines due to weather conditions, power supply interruptions, wholesale shortages and order errors, shipping errors, or any act of God. If we foresee any problems in advance, we will be sure to notify you and do everything we can to rectify them quickly.

Rush Orders

Orders that require a delivery date sooner than our standard turnaround time are subject to rush order fees. Below you will find our current fees based on the speed of turnaround. A percentage will be added to the final quote.

2-4 day turnaround = 30% extra

5-8 day turnaround = 20% extra

Rush orders are subject to the same terms as standard turnaround orders. Rush order times do not include shipping. Flood cannot be held responsible for any delivery delays or misplaced orders after they have left our print shop.

Payment Terms

Full payment online (digital invoice) or via bank transfer is required before any printing or embroidery orders begin. Once you receive and approve your digital mockup (if you require one), your order process will start. If you supply a mockup with your artwork we will match this as closely as possible within our max print dimensions etc.

Print Allowance

Each custom print order is different to the next. Screen printing is an art form and occasionally misprints will occur, especially when working with wet inks! We do our best to deliver full order quantities. However, printing mistakes happen, and/or occasionally faulty garments arrive from suppliers. For that reason, we have an under/over run allowance of 1-2%. This is simply an acceptable margin of error.

All orders within the Run Allowance of the ordered quantity will be considered acceptable. We highly recommend you order extra garments for each size if numbers and sizes are critical. Flood will not be responsible for any profit loss on under runs. In the event of quantities greater than our Under/Over Run Allowance, we will reprint the remaining quantity, or refund for the remaining if the quantities are too low.

Standard Allowance: Maximum 2%

Art Preparation

Art that has not been supplied in print ready format, as specified in our Artwork Guide section, is subject to be billed at our current rate of £25 +VAT per hour. We will inform you prior to any alterations needed.

Any art prepared for print (positives, screens) is the property of Flood. For example, if you supply artwork for your order and a separation charge is applied, you do not own the separated art file. That file is the property of Flood, although the original artwork itself is still your property.

Art Approval

All new artwork must be approved via email. Upon receiving your initial mockup (if applicable), you will be allowed one additional set of revisions free of charge. Any revisions thereafter will incur an additional ‘Art Preparation’ fee to be billed at our current rate. Changes to the artwork after approving the mockup could delay your order. We will not be responsible for artwork errors, misspellings etc. that have not been ‘picked up’ before digital mockups have been approved.

Garment Blanks

Out of Stock Items

Flood cannot be held responsible for items that are out of stock with suppliers. All purchasing of garments and bags is done on an order-by-­order basis. Very few goods are stocked at our facilities. We do our best to provide you with an accurate inventory prior to your order being placed, but we cannot “hold” goods from the time you receive a quote to the time you actually place the order. Should items become out of stock, we will do our best to find a replacement and get them approved by you prior to being used as part of your order.

Customer Supplied Garments

Customers are welcome to supply blank garments for us to print. There is a handling fee of between £0.40 – £1.00 +VAT per item depending on the garments sent. If we’ve never printed the particular brand before, we will ask for a couple of extras to test print before the production run. Although we can print most items, it’s best to get in contact and ask if it’s possible first. Flood will not be liable for any misprints or unusual print outcomes from customer supplied items.

Customer must supply counted and sorted with a breakdown list. Any discrepancies may hold up production.

No individually bagged items please, this will incur further charges.

No reprints or small runs on customer supplied garments are available – Please supply overage if numbers are critical. Although rare, mistakes can happen from time to time.

Credit will be given for any misprints, not for any garment costs or replacements.

Manufacturer Defects

Flood is not responsible for manufacturer defects such as garment colour inconsistencies or sizing issues even within the same batch. Wrongly labelled sizes, loose threads and stitching, label inconsistencies or other garment defects can sometimes occur. We do not manufacture any of the garments supplied. We have excellent quality control inspections, but we cannot guarantee each garment is perfect every time, sometimes they ‘slip through the net’. We highly recommend ordering extras of each size if numbers are critical.

Garment Subjectivity

Flood will not be responsible if you do not like the finished print or embroidery product. We do our very best to make sure you have selected a garment that you’ll be happy with and matches your needs, but we also expect you to do some research of your own. We do our best to provide garment size specs for each product. If size specs are not listed on our site, we recommend you check on the manufacturers’ website to ensure the garment has the correct cut and is going to fit as you intend. If there’s any doubt about whether you’ll like the selected garment, we recommend ordering a blank sample first. Please keep in mind that ordering blank samples will push back the turnaround time. Blank samples are available for purchase at retail price. They are not refundable or transferrable towards a full production run.



For the most accurate print minimums, please refer to the specific service pages on our website. Screen Printing, Transfer Printing, DTG and Embroidery usually have a MOQ (minimum order quantity) starting at 20pcs.

Artwork/Image Size

All garment sizes within an order will be printed with the same image size unless otherwise requested. Different image sizes will be treated as a new order and priced accordingly, i.e. incur further setup charges. An image size printed within 2-3cm of any seam is subject to distortion, print imperfections, and/or other small inconsistencies. These are all considered acceptable. We will not assume responsibility for print imperfections due to printing too close to seams.

Seam, Collar and Zipper Printing

We do our very best to produce the best looking prints any time we pull a squeegee. However, printing on or over any seams, collars, pockets, zippers or otherwise is subject to distortion, print imperfections, and/or other small inconsistencies. These are all considered acceptable goods and will not be considered misprints.

Garment Washing

Once a print leaves our facility, we are not in control of the elements a garment will endure, such as wash temperature, abrasiveness, detergents and chemicals, etc. and therefore cannot 100% guarantee the washability and weathering of the product.

We print with the highest quality equipment and consumables on the market. We take great pride in the quality of work and it’s extremely rare that we get any customer complaints. Occasionally slight amounts of fading on ink colours is to be expected and fabrics can also fade over time.

Care Instructions

In order to ensure the longevity and vibrancy of your product, we recommend machine washing cold – 30 degrees or lower, air drying flat or tumble dry low if you must. This is applicable to all water based, discharge and plastisol ink prints, including embroidery and transfers. We recommend that all new goods should be washed before wearing, especially discharge prints. We are not responsible for any dye transfer from garments either before or after washing. Each brand will have a different method of manufacturing and dyeing that is factory specific. We do not manufacture garments in-house. When rebranding garments, we suggest you copy the washcare instructions exactly to comply with the manufacturers recommendations.

Hand (Feel of the Print)

Prior to a first wash, it is completely normal to feel a slight ‘hand’ or chalkiness on garments printed using discharge ink. Once the garment has been washed, this feeling normally goes away and the hand is very soft and smooth. If specialty or high opacity inks are requested, the ‘hand’ can vary and be more apparent. Screen prints with an underbase (usually on dark garments) will always feel a little bit heavier compared to prints on light coloured garments.

Image Placement

We do everything we can to ensure images are printed in a consistent location on all garments within a print run. However, small variations can be expected. For example, if a request is made for an image to be printed 5cm below the bottom of a collar, a 1.5cm standard deviation in either direction will be considered acceptable. If a request is made for images to be printed near the tag area on the back of the shirt and directly over the tag, it could have small ink coverage inconsistencies and will be considered acceptable.

Reorders of the same design/artwork

Any design that is ordered again (reorder) will be subject to setup fees but at half the initial cost. e.g. if your screen charges we’re £60 +VAT, any subsequent order of that design will incur a £30 +VAT screen setup charge. The artwork must be exactly the same as the previous order. Any changes, however small (including print size), will incur full price setup charges and be treated as a new order.

Reorder Ink Colour

Due to the nature of water based and discharge inks, plus different fabric lots, we cannot guarantee exact ink colour matches on reorders, although our colour matching system is pretty accurate. We will make every effort to match the original colour as best as possible. If you know a reorder will be likely, please let us know and we’ll try to keep a record of the ink where possible. If you require a consistent ink colour from one order to the next, we recommend providing a Pantone Solid Coated code.

Pantone Matching (PMS)

Pantone requests will be the most accurate way to match a colour you require. We do our best to match to the exact colour code provided. This value may or may not be used in the mockup provided. We cannot guarantee ink colours based on visual mockups alone. We recommend checking the colours given against a solid coated Pantone book. Monitors can vary significantly from one computer to the next.

Ink Colour Change Minimums

Orders are allowed changes of up to 2 ink colours for the same design. These are charged at a standard rate of £10 +VAT per colour. Minimum impressions of 20 items per colour are required.

Style Change Minimums

Garment styles, or garment colour changes are allowed as long as the minimum order quantity for that particular order is reached.


Printed Samples

Because the nature of screen printing is ‘setup heavy’, samples are not available. For larger screen print orders (200+), sample prints will be available at full setup cost, plus £100 + VAT sample charge. The sample cost will be refunded if an order is then made. You will receive 3 printed samples. If artwork needs to be separated, created, or touched up, it will be subject to art charges at the current rate. Art charges will not be credited back towards the full production run.

Pantone Matching fees do apply on sample runs. They do not count towards the sample order value in terms of credit on the re­order, nor will they be credited back onto the full production run.

Hoodies and other certain sample pieces may incur an additional charge.

Packing & Shipping


We ship via DPD or Royal Mail. A tracking number will be available on request after your order has left our facility. Flood will not be responsible for delivery complications for any reason such as adverse weather, courier strikes, or otherwise. Delivery is not included in our turnaround times. Delivery expenses are the sole responsibility of the client and will be added to your invoice unless otherwise agreed upon prior to your order. Delivery costs are normally included on quotes. Flood assumes no responsibility for goods once they have left our facility. We will not be responsible for delivery to a wrong address if it was listed on your quote and you failed to correct the address upon quote approval. Delivery prices are set by the particular courier company and subject to change.


All orders will be bulk packaged in double walled cardboard boxes and folded in bundles, unless stated otherwise. Where possible, we reuse branded boxes to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Checking Your Order

Please check your order and notify us of any problems within 72 hours of delivery. We will not be responsible for any error orders after 72 hours.


Removing Manufacturer Tags/Labels

If you want us to print custom tags in your shirts, please be aware that the stock tags will be removed. By default, this service fee and turnaround time will be added to your order (please see below for tear-away tag policy). Please be sure to inform us if you want the stock tags left in the garments along with the new custom printed tag. With certain garments the sizing may be printed or woven onto the original branded label. If this is removed a size sticker will be added unless otherwise agreed upon.

Removing Tear-away Tags or Labels

If your garments come with tear-away tags, we will tear those out for a small fee. Please be aware that tear-away tags may leave small pieces of the tag in the garment seam. Unless you have paid for tag removal service, we are not responsible for removing all pieces of the tag, should some remain in the seam. If you want them unpicked for removal, thus eliminating the chance of the tear-away remnants, standard manufacturer tag removal fees and turnaround time will apply.

Blank Apparel Orders

If you choose to order “Blank Apparel” before placing your full production run, you will be able to purchase up to 5 garment pieces at full retail cost.

Social Media

We enjoy showing off your products and our printing. It’s a great way to showcase our skills and send some of our followers and fans your way. We do this by taking photos and posting them online via social platforms, such as Instagram or Facebook. Please be sure to notify us when placing your order if you do not want us to photograph and share your products online. If you do not notify us, we will assume that we have your full permission.

Quotes & Estimates

Quotes are valid for 14 days unless stated otherwise. This term is subject to seeing final artwork and confirmation. Final invoices will reflect the quantity available.

Print Proofs

Digital photographs or print proofs of the first garment being printed are available for £20 +VAT on orders over 100+ pcs. We will inform you the morning your order is going on press. Once the proof is sent to the customer from Flood, the client will have 15 minutes to approve. If we don’t hear from you within 15 minutes, the order will be taken off press and subject to new setup charges. We are a busy print shop and cannot allow downtime.


If for any reason we make a mistake printing your order and it is not what was agreed upon and falls outside of these Terms & Conditions, we will gladly reprint your order within 10 business days. Unfortunately we do not offer refunds.


Orders that are cancelled prior to printing will be subject to a ‘Cancellation Fee’ of 30% of the total order value. Cancellations will not be accepted once garments have been printed.

Terms & Conditions

Flood Print Limited reserves the right to change its Terms & Conditions at any time without notice.


Hopefully these guidelines have helped. If you have any questions regarding our Terms & Conditions, please phone or email us before placing your order.

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