Screen Printing Artwork Guide

12th May 2015

Screen Printing Artwork Guide – Please make sure you use the following guide when preparing new artwork to print. You don’t have to use Adobe software to design your artwork. The images below apply to most design software including, for example Corel or Gimp .

Raster files: (Adobe Photoshop)

Format: RGB Resolution: 300dpi Max Size – (Standard) 32cm x 42cm

Max Size – (Oversize) 39cm x 48cm


Adobe Photoshop File Preparation

How to Size Your Design:

Your design should be sent over the size you want it printed. If you want your print to be 250mm wide, please be sure the actual design within the file is the right width, not just the background of your design file or artboard. Please centre your artwork or it might be printed off centre.

Of course you can design your artwork to any size as long as it does not exceed our maximum (oversize) print dimensions. If your design is not sized correctly before the artwork is produced we can’t guarantee the print will come out as expected. Re-sizing (especially scaling up) artwork at a later stage can cause problems such as pixilated edges.

Vector files: (Adobe Illustrator)

Again, other software apart from Adobe can be used to create your artwork. Please use the settings below when creating your vector file:

Adobe Illustrator File Preparation

If you have text within your design please convert it to outlines before you send the files over to us. We don’t have every font on file and this will stop fonts being replaced and changing the look of your design!

Hand drawn/pencil artwork:

 We can also screen print fine art onto garments if that’s what you’re in to? You’ll still have to send us the image in a digital format though. When scanning please setup the resolution to 300pdi minimum for the best results.

brain drawing

Half Tones

Complex designs with gradients etc. often need to be printed using halftones (small dots) to get the desired affect. We can’t guarantee the final print will look the way you expect it to if you have tried to create them yourself. Our art department will prepare your image specifically for the films and screens we use to print onto textiles. Please send original artwork and let us halftone any documents for you.


Custom Artwork & Re-touching:

We sometimes get artwork sent to us that is not quite print ready. If you’ve sent an image that needs to be tweaked before going to print we’ll email you and let you know. You may only have a rough sketch or design idea you want ‘bringing to life’. We can do that for you. Design work is charged at £20 per hour and a fee will be agreed before any work is undertaken. Most design work is done in house. If we think your brief is more suited to the style of another designer we will work with them on your behalf to produce a finished print design.

Turner Bros3 Turner_Bros_Mockup_black

Ink Colour:

Unless you specify a colour we will match the ink as closely as possible to what we see on the computer monitor. The industry standard colours used in screen printing are Pantone® colours. We use the ‘Pantone® Solid Coated Guide’ and a very accurate ink colour matching system for screen printing.

Pantone Colour Matching

Quick Guide:

File format: .AI, .EPS, .PDF, .PSD, .TIFF or .JPEG

Colour format: RGB

Resolution: 300dpi minimum

Size: Full size of finished print

Standard setup: Up to 320mm wide X 420mm long

Oversized setup: Maximum 390mm wide X 480mm long